What is S355JR meaning

What is S355JR meaning

S355JR material is a non-alloy structural steel defined in EN10025-2 standard. What is S355JR meaning? The first letter “S” means structural steel, that implies S355JR material is extensively utilized in the structural engineering. “355” represents yield strength i.e. 355 N/mm² minimally, and “JR” addition ensures that S355JR material has been subjected to 20 deg. temperature impact test.

EN10025-2 S355JR material chemical composition: (max) %

Grade C% Si % Mn % P % S % N % Cu %
S355JR 0.270 0.600 1.700 0.045 0.045 0.014 0.060

EN10025-2 S355JR material mechanical properties:

Grade Thickness (mm) Min Yield (Mpa) Tensile (Mpa) Elongation (%) Min Impact Energy
S355JR 8mm-100mm 315Mpa-355Mpa 450-630Mpa 18-20% 20 27J
101mm-200mm 285 Mpa -295Mpa 450-600Mpa 18% 20 27J
201mm-400mm 275Mpa - 17% 20 27J
The min impact energy is longitudinal energy

As the name suggests, EN10025-2 S355JR material is an important material supply for construction industries. S355JR material is usually for freight cars, transmission towers, dump trucks, cranes, trailers, bull dozers, excavators and so on structural applications.