How to distinguish weathering steel plate from ordinary steel plate

How to distinguish weathering steel plate from ordinary steel plate

With the development of iron and steel industry, the demand for steel products in many construction industries has gradually changed from quantity to quality. For some open-air buildings, if ordinary steel plates are used, they will be covered with rust in a few years. Even paint protection will damage the surrounding environment and steel itself, which is harmful. The development of weathering steel plate has brought about good solutions to these problems.

In order to save production costs, many businesses cheat consumers by painting and manual rusting ordinary steel plates. Let's see how to distinguish weathering steel plate from ordinary steel plate.

1. Corrosion resistance: Weathering steel plate corrodes in natural climate, forming a dense oxide layer on the surface of steel, which prevents oxygen and water from infiltrating into the matrix and plays an oxidizing role; and ordinary steel corrosion will not only appear the protection of oxide layer, but also become more serious.

2. Corrosion will not fall off naturally: the corrosion of weathering steel plate is naturally formed rust, which sticks tightly to the base surface, even if touched by hand, it will not fall off; while the forged weathering steel plate made of ordinary steel plate, even if the surface rust is the same as that of weathering steel plate, it will fall off easily by hand touch. It can be easily distinguished.

3. Corrosion color is natural: the corrosion of weathering steel plate takes on different colours according to the degree and time of corrosion, and these colours are presented by iron ion oxidation in steel, so the corrosion will not cause damage to the surrounding ecology and environment; in order to be the same as the appearance of weathering steel, ordinary steel has been painted, that is to say, the surface of weathering steel plate is painted. Make the same color, but the paint itself is a chemical synthesizer, has a pungent odor, and has a certain impact on the surrounding ecology.

In summary, weathering steel plate and ordinary steel plate can be easily distinguished. If you can not distinguish, please choose a reliable manufacturer to buy, so as to avoid unnecessary losses caused by deception. Weathering steel plate has been widely used in many construction industries. In recent years, it also has a good development in the direction of container transportation, and its prospect is relatively broad.