How will BBN steel develop LR EH40 ship plate

How will BBN steel develop LR EH40 ship plate

In order to survive and find opportunities in the fierce market competition, shipbuilding steel suppliers must adapt to market demand, adjust product structure and improve product quality.
In 2018, we put forward the following countermeasures for developing LR EH40 ship plate.

1. Adjusting and optimizing LR EH40 ship plate structure
(1) increase the production ratio of LR EH40 ship plate with a width of more than 3000mm, so as to diversify the specifications of ASTM A131 EH40 steel.
(2) strengthen enterprise management and improve the capacity of BBN steel to undertake small batch and multiple specification order.
(3) improve the technology and equipment to expand the production of TMCP LR EH40 ship plate.

2. Improving the quality and service quality of LR EH40 ship plate
(1) purity steel.
(2) improve the appearance quality of LR grade EH40 ship plate, such as dimensional accuracy and surface, should be in line with customer satisfaction standards.
(3) improve the packaging level of LR EH40 ship plate.

3.Reduce production cost of LR EH40 ship plate
(1) optimize blank design and increase yield.
(2) gradually expand the scope of controlled rolling LR EH40 ship plate, and reduce the heat treatment of LR EH40 steel.

Through these steps, we are confident that we will make a breakthrough for LR EH40 ship plate again in 2018.