Steel S235JR VS A36 material

Steel S235JR VS A36 material

For steel S235JR, "S" is the abbreviation of structural steel. The term "235" refers to the minimum yield strength (MPa) for steel thickness less than 16 mm. The "JR" indicates the energy-related quality level of the Charpy impact test (27 J, 20℃ temperature).

ASTM A36 material is equivalent to steel S235JR. Below is for steel S235JR VS A36 material.

Steel S235JR VS A36 material in chemical composition:

Grade C  (t≤16mm) Si Mn P S Cu N
Steel S235JR 0.19 max - 1.5 max 0.045 max 0.045 max 0.60 max 0.014 max
A36 material 0.26 max 0.40 max - 0.040 max 0.050 max 0.20 min -

Steel S235JR VS A36 material in mechanical properties:

Grade Yield strength ReH/(N/mm2) (t≤16mm) min Tensile strength Rm/(N/mm2) (3mm≤t≤16mm) Elongation A/% (3mm≤t≤40mm) min Charpy V test
Temperature/℃ Impact energy (Longitudinal)/J min
Steel S235JR 235 360-510 26 +20 27
A36 material 250 400-550 23 - -

Steel S235JR and A36 material has little difference but more common points in chemical composition and mechanical properties. For most projects, they can meet demands of each other. But there are also exceptions, which need to check with engineers.