SS400 material composition

SS400 material composition

SS400 material is Japanese steel that is equivalent to the domestic Q235B steel. Because the carbon content of SS400 material is moderate and SS400 material composition is reasonable, the comprehensive performance of SS400 material is good. The strength, plasticity, welding and so on properties of SS400 material are well matched.

SS400 material composition: (max %)

C≤ 16mm max C>16mm max Si max Mn max P max. S max.
0.17 0.20 1.40 0.045 0.045

SS400 material is used in the house frame, the high-voltage transmission tower, the bridge, the vehicle, the boiler, the container, the ships, etc. construction and engineering structures.

SS400 material composition should be in line with the stipulation of JIS G3101 standard. But if the clients has special requirements, that can also be negotiable with the SS400 steel mill to make technical evaluation and make adjustment.