Future domestic research directions of corten steel plate

Future domestic research directions of corten steel plate

1. Improve the strength of traditional corten steel plate: including ferrite + pearlite steel and low carbon bainite steel, more than 500 MPa, for marine engineering, bridge construction, reduce the weight of steel structure, improve corrosion resistance.

2. Developing marine corten steel plate: The objective is to have higher weatherability than that of Corten-A series.

3. Railway corten steel plate with high weatherproof performance should be developed, which will be increased by 30-50% on the basis of the present situation.

4. Development of low-cost corten steel plate: used to meet the weathering performance requirements of general structural parts (domestic application is gradually expanding).

5. Corten steel plate with special performance requirements: In addition to strength, weatherproof performance and cost, it also needs to meet other mechanical properties requirements, such as good welding performance, impact toughness and so on.